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((OOS: jokemaster, remember that ordinary criminals wouldn't be brought before the Council like this, so Chavo has to have done something pretty important [/redundant warning]

Scar: Ivan knowing about the marriage while it existed doesn't coincide with Cracken's story. You need to change that...))

Farran: I have nothing particularly against the Jedi. I think only of the good of this Council, and preserving the delicate balance of powers. *smiles*

Tarl: *looking at Marcus with disgust* Distasteful as I find the idea, and transparent as Irvine Cracken's ploy to take the credit for the idea is, I must agree with Reletha and Irvine's proposition.

*several members murmur agreement*

Beron Ghenn: What do we do about Cracken then, eh?


*Nimalf waits for the guards to leave then picks up the paper. He reads it, then kicks over a large crate sitting next to him. Kioet tumbles out*

Nimalf: Where the hell do I know that guy from, anyway...


*Starr reads the transmission and masks his surprise. Cracken had a daughter? Cracken? Somehow he'd never imagined his master as a father...

Starr's shuttle docks with the SSD Titan*

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