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((OOS: No, Ravan does NOT know about the Victory Star Destroyers, or that they aren't really VSDs.

edit: everyone, check discussion thread please))

Commander: Damn! It escaped!

Commander 2: No matter...we've recorded the subspace signature of the ship. We'll simply wait till it reaches its destination...and follow it there. *to underling* Analyze that cloak. Keep at it until you find a way to completely see through it.

Officer: What about the subjects that left the ship?

*Pictures of Raschel, Irvine, Guy, and Orthos appear on the screens*

Commander: They must be captured. Alive. They may have information that could be vital for us.

Officer: Wait...that one in the middle...*points to Guy's picture*

*the commanders look and their eyes widen* It' of us! A Shadow!


The actual Imperial Star Destroyers hovered above the atmosphere.

Star Destroyer Commander: Commence orbital bombardment.


*Guy reaches his ship, and removes its cloak. He is about to board when another vision hits him.

Reluctantly, he turns around and runs back to the fight*


Misae: How about...where are we going, and why? Who was that guy in the odd suit?

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