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Name: Rey Adi Seyah
Gender: Male
Age: Physical: 40+, Timeline: 80+
Species: Zabrak
Homeplanet: Iridonia
Ocuppation: Unofficial Jedi Knight (never achieved the title) edit: I meant Jedi Master
Skills: Force Strike, Jump/Speed, Sight; excellent speeder pilot
Appearance: Rey is a fierce-looking Zabrak with green and black facial tatoos. He wears a black pre-Clone Wars Jedi standard field outfit.
Biography: Rey Adi Seyah was born during the time of The Phantom Menace, and served his apprenticeship during the Clone Wars. He vanished during the Jedi Purge and recently, mysteriously turned up again. He is physically forty although he should be around eighty. He refuses to explain how he managed to end up at only half his rightful age.

Rey is also color-blind. He has two lightsabers, one green, one purple. He can't tell the difference.

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