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Lightbulb Wickien Intro

Name: Wickien
Race: Tradoshan
Gender: Male
Profession: Gunsmith
Home Planet: LOK

Appearance: Short yellowish brown skin, tan flight suit, and combat boots

Bio: Born and rasied on LOK and proud member of "Tacuitacitum Trucido". I grew up on the hot sands with a blaster in my left hand and wrench in my right. i just put the two together and started a small shop in a small town called Wappapello. Wappapello was founded by Abago a long time friend and founder of Astrum Bellum Comitatus. Working with his clan i learned alot about what it takes to make it on LOK (got to know when to pull the trigger ) and found a new calling in life that of a Highwayman.
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