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Do you guys actually know where this started? The whole bowing thing? And know it wasn't at the beginning of 1.02 when the game first came out. It was started in Dark Forces 2:Jedi Knight. There was a little mod called SPORK. This may not have been the first time people started bowing, but it definately wasn't anything to do with JKII. Whilst I'm here, I'm gonna have a go at all you old schoolers (thats what you call yourselves I do beleive) going on about how you are more experienced and are an old school player just cos you've had the game since day of release. I bought this game day of release and been playing non stop pretty much every day since then (when I say non stop I mean atleast 2 hours a day, not all day ) The game hasn't even been out a year. The leagues and that are only just getting started. In 3 years time, if this game is stil being played, which I really hope, then you can call yourself an old schooler. Relatively we're all n00bs. This game is still young and people talk about it dying. Stay with it and make this community as big as Jedi Knight was.
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