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Heimdall: This is a little complicated. I deal with the simple matters first. The guy in the odd suit I believe was a shadow. I also felt more of them aboard the ship. The shadows want the childern and are probably very angry at me for destroying one of their ships. They can track us through the ships subspace signature. Once we reach our destination, my people will be able to mask the signature.

You have never heard of our destination. We are going to my home, to met with my brother. The world is heavily protected, and well you will see, or should I say not see it.
*On Midgard, a scientist approaches Tyr with some information*

Scientist: Sir we have analyzed how the aliens detected Gulltop.

Tyr: I'm listening.

Scientist: It was the subspace signature. We knew that couldn't be cloaked, but for many years have been working on a way to hide or distort it, at the very least confuse an enemy.

Tyr: What have you developed?

Scientist: Well it yesterday in test we were able to hide a subspace signiture. However it requires vast amounts of power, to much for a ship. After the success of that test we installed the device in the plantary cloaking shield. Midgard and anything that enters the shield will be hidden from everything.

The other is a decoy. A small droid that can emit an identical signature to the ship that it is launched from. They should confuse the enemy. They began production a couple of days ago. When we heard that Gulltop was returning we launched a decoy in the opposite direction to a destination that would equal the time it takes Gulltop to reach here. When they drop out of hyperspace it will appear as if two Gulltops exist, however the true one will quickly disappear under the cloak. The decoy will continue making random jumps.

Tyr: You have done very well. Midgard is safer then ever.

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