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Misae: Eh? Who are the "Shadows"?

Marin: They're from the dimension Aidan and I come from. You know the blue thing you saw us come through? It was a portal. You were right about us. We aren't from here. And you were also right about this... *holds out the crystal key and Misae's eyes widen* Now how about you tell us how you knew about it?

Misae: *laughs bitterly* You wouldn't believe any...*cuts off at Marin's look* Fine. I'll tell you again.


Right after the two of you appeared, someone showed up in my apartment. He knew my name, and I'd never seen him before. He knew...he um...*stops and continues bitterly* He said something foreboding about the "path" I was on. Then he asked if I'd seen you and "the gargoyle". *looks at Aidan* He said to follow you, because you had "the first key". Then he walked out through my wall. Passed through it like a spirit. Just like I told you two on Coruscant.

Now can you explain that? *looks around at Heimdall, Aidan, and Marin*


*Raschel gathers her emotional strength up. Orthos obviously could take care of himself, especially with the new reinforcements. She needed to do her part.

She recognizes the pilots running from their bunkers into the hangar-turned-battleground. They were too disorganized to do anything helpful, and were mostly unarmed...

The second thing she notices are the unused rows of starfighters lining the hangar.

She clears her throat and shouts* New Republic pilots! This is Squadron Leader Raschel Sheire! Get to your ships!


"VSD" Officer: The NR ships are attacking us, sir.

Commander: I don't care. They won't be able to scratch us.

Officer: But won't they think it's a little odd...I mean, we're disguised as ships that aren't exactly top-of-the-line...

Officer 2: Recommend we speed up atmospheric entry.

Commander: Do so.

*The "VSDs" increase speed mysteriously and enter the atmosphere, outdistancing the MC-100 cruisers*


*Guy reenters the hangar, unarmed except for a picked-up E-12 blaster. Several stormtroopers fire at him, but he dodges easily and opens fire at them. A platoon seemed to single him out, sensing an easy target.

Their mistake.

Stormtrooper: Hey you there!

Stormtrooper 2: You're under arrest! Drop your weapon!

*Guy stands motionless and drops his weapon. His eyes narrow as he analyzes the distance between him and the first stormtrooper...

Within two more steps of the leader, Guy leaps into the air, unnaturally high. The stormtroopers seemed to startle and fired.

The first stormtrooper survived a direct fist hit to the chest. Oh yeah, high impact armor. He didn't survive a blow to his chin, breaking his neck.

With the distraction, a stormtrooper managed to hit him in the back with a blaster bolt. Thanks to Guy's suit, it did no harm. That trooper went down with a kick that drove him backwards into a wall.

The troopers attacked in force. Guy took them down rapidly with a flurry of martial artist moves that would have been useless against armored soldiers...for a normal person.

Guy recognizes Orthos again, engaging the main crowd of stormtroopers.

I have to get him out of here...all of them out of here...

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