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Irvine still in his confinement: "Well i know this'll bite me in the arse after wards, but I kinda have to help a little."

*Irvine stands back up, and focas' his energy into his muscles and nearly instantly increasing his strength.*

Irvine: "Heh, I'm getting better at this..."

*Irvine throws a fist at a wall forcing it break up into rubble. Irvine walks out to find himself beign pointed at by stormtrooper's and their rifles.*

Irvine: "You people don't learn, even through the galactic war. None of ya had a chance agenst a Jedi."

*Irvine takes his broken lightsabers and shakes the broken crystals out of it, and proceeds to lunge at a stormtrooper to pull off a hunk of armour. Soon using the saber's as savage clubs to senselessly KO troopers with his own versions of a taser. Each time troopers fire off shots none accurate enough to hit Irvine.*

Irvine after troopers KOed: "Man that was harsh, I kinda wish that i didn't get rid of my blasters." *sigh* "Now I can sense that there are some who were left here..." *closes eyes and senses for energies* "Got em, heh, I wonder why I didn't think of it before." *smiles, then runs off after Raschel*

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