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Well there was setup for a Misae/Alys storyline. But-

"also Irvine has to leave in twenty years (like there could be a time where they all help each other train in Jedi arts or something (cus Irvine has to be a fully trained by the time he gets in c7 :rolleyes) "

Fully trained? Well, Flax was able to take him on singlehandedly when he showed up, and that with barely any Force power available.

"and I'd like someone to volenteer and 'teach' Irvine the 3-form technique later on in the storyline (what Irvine does in C8 to be in three parts (very good, very evil, and exact opposite on good/evil scale to what the person would be normaly))"

What are you talking about? Exact opposite what?

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