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((OOS: Scar, don't post spam please. btw - you realize "^___________________^" means something like "extreme joy/happiness"? By the way, I understood that was a wall of fire, not just a wall...

@Battledog: How do your guys know they aren't VSDs? All they did was accelerate unusually fast. Otherwise, they appear identical to VSDs, both to the human eye and to sensors. And what exactly is the 'trap' they suspect? ))

*Guy drops the last stormtrooper attacking him and walks in front of Lokiphet* Listen, Jedi, or Sith, or whatever, the last thing I'm---

*Guy breaks off as another vision unfolds before his eyes*


*Raschel climbs into the cockpit of a vacant X-Wing and starts the preflight sequence*


Misae: *stares at Heimdall, then at Marin and Aidan* You mean you know? *Silence* Tell me!

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