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Re: Sorry Folks

Originally posted by Hellfire Jedi
Ok here is what i have decided to do,
Since i cannot aviod getting flammed i will not post any progress of the model i will post it elsewhere only friends will know and prolly help me jedi_anakin just wont stop being a ass and i cant do any thing about it so this is my decision i will tell u all first hand once it is finished sorry if this may dissapoint u but i got another modeler my age willing to help because he doesnt flame PERIOD so if KMan or another mod see's this thread please close it not delete so people can see what i have decided ok off to work now bye and sorry thank jed_Anakin for flamming me to this point

Pfft, excuses excuses, if you call THAT flaming then you're in for a big suprise, buddy. Anakin was merely telling you the rules.
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