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While the rest of the group get on board and finds there sets..

Cheyla looks around the room, not find much more then the cargo that is being loaded into the ship.

All of the cargo apperes to be unusual foodstuffs like pickled zog, rantweed clusters, norrick loaves and sle form kashyyyk.

Cheyla seeing that the cargo is almost loaded get on board, H-3PO and Vago are the last to get on board, the ship is seld and with a jolt and a bit of a grinde, the ship lifts off.

You are sitting in the ****pit, along with Vago and H-3PO. Would you like to try talking to them, or just sit back. The ship is pretty small, and any space not used by the ****pit is mainly taken up by the cargo bay, so there isn't much place to go in the ship.

gm-speak- I hope i didn't take to much control of you redwing, i figured that you would have gotten on the ship anyway, so i didn't think you would mind. If you did sorry and let me know what else you would like to do before getting on the ship.

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