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*Irvine lowers his hand after being denined a formal greeting.*

Irvine trying to get into a converstaion: "Well yes, new weapony would be a nice thing to look at, but also how well they use them. It wasn't until a few days ago I only had the skills of a first class Fencer, but after my merging I suddenly gained the knowledge to properly wield duel and single Lightsabers, duel and single Lightfoils. Not only that I've seemed to also have quite the talent with wielding a LightScythe, a such model that I've tried to look up for any doublcates, didn't show, so what i have must be 'one-of-a-kind'. It's quiote an interesting weapon I have to say myself. Its like its 3 generations better then what we traditionally wield... I'd be glad to show ya after this..."


Marcus: "Hmm, when will this thing start, I think the Jedi are getting anxious too."

Ivan: "Oh, shut up Marcus. When it starts it starts."
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