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Farran: First, ladies and gentlemen of the Council, the abilities of the Jedi themselves against our current tactical forces will be demonstrated. Most of you have no firsthand experience with these beings; you know them only by reputation.

*The set of doors on one side of the arena open*

These Jedi were captured on Coruscant a week ago. *at the explosion of murmurs* The operation was done so they are believed dead. *smiles pointedly* There is no fear of retaliation.

*A large vehicle enters, holding a set of cages with Jedi occupants, with wireframes around them. Viewscreens display the scene close-up for the Council's benefit*

Farran: What you see down there are Universal Energy Cages. They are the only known cages that can hold a Jedi. Unfortunately, they are extraordinarily hard to find or produce. The creatures on the wireframes are ysalamiri. They are rare creatures that block the Force, the source of the Jedi's power.

*Farran smiles* In case you're wondering, no, the Vanguards do not wear ysalamiri. The creatures can only block the Force when they are alive, and Jedi have often been proven to be deadly fighters even when deprived of the Force.

*Farran motions to the other end of the enormous arena, which opens to reveal a vertible army of stormtroopers, with all kinds of weaponry*

This is the first part of the demonstration...the best of the Empire's shocktroopers, and the forces we send against the Jedi. Observe...

*Farran steps on a holotransmitter platform. The viewscreens show his holographic image appear on the Jedi cage vehicle*

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