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Post Smilies

With smilies you can make your posts prettier, or use them to express yourselfs, or use them to make a post seem different as what you said.

And that last point is extremely important.
Its important for my first rule i set up. Dont Flame.
A while back we had a slight flame war going on around here. And our own moderator, Jan Gaarni, posted a very good point about the use of smilies.

Ill start with some examples:

To make your posts prettier:

To express yourselfs:
Come on guys
Thats funny
to make a post seem different as what you said:

Now i already said that this one is the most important. Ill post an example and see how you react to it.
Your a real jerk you know that
You Idiot
See? you know, when i typed this, you would feel offended. but if you use smilies with it, it will look tottaly different.
Your a real jerk, you know that
You Idiot
You see? now it looks tottaly different and it doesnt look offending.

So my advice to you all is:
Use smilies with your posts. cause that way other readers will be able to know in what sence you mean it.

what is up?

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