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Survivor Director's Cut Week 5

well we are down to three last directors
and it is time to vote one of them off.

and this week it is going to be tough.
cause I really admire Ridley Scott for
most of his work except for shudder
"Legend" although Tim Curry's amazing
performance did a lot to redeem that
stinker of a movie. and I have a soft
spot in my heart for Tim Burton, but
his Batman movies were bad, the entire
Batman franchise had so much potential
and they blew it. I think honestly and
I hope Terry Gilliam will be
the last director on the island
because I think he has the most
creative immagination and genius
of the the entire ten origianlly
listed, but it will be tribal voting
which decides the outcome

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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