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Oh, ok.


Progess Report 11/9/02:

Got a second compile version of MotF up and running. The easter egg appears to be fully working except for a possible minor bug. As for Dodge, dodge IS operational except I must have screwed up the math SOMEWHERE because both Dodge and FP was regening a LOT faster than they should. This makes everyone invincible to player damage but I should have it fixed soon.

As for the visuals of dodge, I don't feel it's looking as good as I want it to. You only dodge once per saber swing so the blade still passes thru your body most of the time. :P In addition, I don't think the dodge is moving fast enough. On the plus side, it's got a cool real-time, matrix-style motion blur to the dodges that I didn't expect.

So basically, things are well on the way and progessing well.

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