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Well, I don't know about you, but I could do an RP all by myself! n_n In fact, what a brilliant idea! Maybe I'll do that. ^_^

And, no, I would never disable images! 'Specially in an RPG forum, cuz you could draw up a picture of a character and post it! O_o I'm a fan of images.
It sounds more like an Ike thing to me.

Oh, and I'll forgive Scarface; he must be a young'un and not know my great history when I was the one and only active RS admin, along with all the marvelous changes I made! Including the creation of the RSRP, Pilot Proving Grounds, and Gold Squadron Passcode forums, and the renaming of the Downtime, Flarestar, and whatever other forums I changed from lame names to cool.
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