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Farran: Greetings, Jedi. I'm sure you're wondering what why we've brought you here. *Farran makes a motion with his hand, and droids enter the arena and begin removing the ysalamiri* You are here to take part in a short...tournament. The rules are simple; defeat all your opponents, and you will all go free. If you don't, well, you'll all be dead. *waves to the troopers on the other side of the arena* Those are your first opponents. Oh, and by the way, don't bother considering escape. This arena is now walled in by force fields. There is no way in or out.

*The imprisoned Jedi simply stare at him. Farran shrugs amd waves his hand again. The energy cages snap open, and a set of droids advances towards the Jedi and hand them their lightsabers. Farran turns toward the Imperial troopers* Attack.

*the Imperials spread out and open fire*

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