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*Alys sat, with a small metal crate in front of her. It was an exercise, as instructed by the Holocron. A jedi padawan would attempt to lift the object, usually a rock, with the Force. Starr Watched over her.

She closed her eyes, and began to concentrate. "Let the Force flow through you", the Holocron said. Anger, hate, agression, those are the paths to the dark side, it said. Impaitence, frustration, the quick and easy path.

Well, she always liked to do things the hard way.

As she sat, she opended her self up to the Force. That much she learned from Starr, and her father when he had the time. She could FEEL everything around her, Starr, the Imperial patrols, the officers on the ship. She then focused on the empty space infront of her. She tried lifting it through force, but that didn't work. Not to e swayed, she tried gradually lifting it. no good.

Sithspit. She started to get angry, but then she realized what she was doing, and calmed herself. She tried again, this time simply visualizing it moving.
it worked. she opended her eyes, and saw it a good 6 ft above the ground. She started to smile, but doing that broke her concentration, and it fell tothe ground with a loud clang.
She turned and looked at Starr, who had his arms crossed She smiled at him and cheerfully waved.*
Alys: How was that?

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