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*Odin, Heimdall, and Vidar found Frigg, and Tyr and were eating lunch at a local resturant*

Tyr: Latter today we are going to test out some of the new weapons.

Vidar: What have the scientist developed now?

Tyr: A resonance rifle. It should be powerful enough to kill a Jotun in a single shoot.

Odin: That will make things eaiser.

Frigg: What other things are going to be tested.

Tyr: Well a new cloaking shield. It is like the ones being installed on our warships. However this one is smaller. Small enough to place on fighters.

Heimdall: It still amazes me who quickly our scientist solve problems.

Odin: They strive to do so because they know what is at stake.

Vidar: If the Jotuns were ever freed from their containment. They would devstate the galaxy.

Frigg *in a bitter tone*: Only if it wasn't for Loki, we would have been rid of that threat a long time ago.

Odin: Come, lets not talk of him. Enjoy our meal.

Frigg: Your right.

Odin: How is Midgard coming along?

Vidar: Very well. The fortifications are growing by the day.

Heimdall: Midgard is very secured.

Odin: I never doubted that.

*They continue their meal talking about unimportant things. Occansionally laughing at jokes.*

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