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*The Imperail Council and the other three watch as the fight is quickly swayed twards the Jedi*

Marcus: "Bah! I wouldn't need any prevoius knowhow that the Jedi would be winning over those stormtroopers!"

Ivan: "Just let me remind you that this is not the real demostration..." *ivan glances over at Farran, and smirks* "...this is merely just a pre-round, before the real thing, but they don't know it. All you to do is raise their moral, so that their hopes of victory is in thier grasp, then you crush them down like the little worms they are..."

Ravan: "Well you seem to forget if these Vangaurd aren't protectign ya, one of these Jedi would easily get rid of ya very quickly."

Ivan: "Who ever said anything about relying on the Vanguard for complete protection? What do you think Farran?"

*Meanwhile, close by Irvine walks around the force field matching the fight...*

Irvine to himself: "These Jedi aren't as powerful as my father, but would still prove to be a good enough fight. Maybei shoudl find one to spar with, maybe reletha's brother perhaps?"

*A stormstrooper slams on the force field as a taunt by one the Jedi.*

Irvine again to himself: "Nevermind, I just found my pray..."

Irvien shouting to Farran: "Hey councilman, I want this fool for myself! I still have yet to test my skills agenst someone."
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