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*Lokpihet stares at his chronometer and Reletha yawns as they sat in the viewing area*

Lokpihet: Boooooooring


NRI Operative: The moment you're well, we have one objective for you.

We want you to assassinate Lokpihet Darkstar. He's become a major threat.
We've identified his holdings in the asteriod remnants of Byss, and on several Core Worlds. It appears he's either trying to lead a coup in the empire, or take power from within. Either way, we want him dead.

Deac: Why me?

NRI: Your soldier training and force abilities make you the best man for the job.

Deac: This guy just cleaved my arm off.

NRI: You either take the job, or hand in your star

Deac:....I'm in.

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