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*Rwos watches through a window. His sharp hearing lets him hear the conversation, however faintly. His eyes narrow as he listens*


*Farran simply smiles at Ivan and calls down to Irvine* Unfortunately, my dear Irvine, I have promised them their freedom if they survive this.

*The Jedi defeat the Imperial troopers easily, despite being vastly outnumbered. The Council members mutter mockingly at the "if they survive this" part*

Farran: And that ends the first part of the demonstration. As you can see, our current forces are no match for the powers of the Jedi.

*screens appear showing Jedi using various Force powers against the troopers, like push, pull, destruction, and speed*

Now for the second part of the demonstration. *looks at Lokiphet and Reletha* I think you'll find this part slightly more...interesting. *smiles*

*into comlink* There are a dozen Jedi left uninjured in the arena...send...six Vanguards in.


*The red Vanguard turned toward the assembly of Vanguards* Those with callsigns one, two, three, four, five, and six will now enter the arena. *Six of the Vanguards nod and dissappear in a flash, green residual particles falling the the ground in their wake. Kioet and Nimalf were not among them*


*Starr watched Alys attempting to lift the metal crate. He could sense her power, and she was using the light side. Why? She had obviously inherited everything her father had...if not more. She was an incredible person.

Why was he thinking that? She was nothing but a...child, really. Not much younger than him, but a child to the Force. But what kind of beginner could do all this?

Starr realized he was trying to suppress jealousy. Cracken treated her his daughter. Starr felt he should hate her for it. She was taking a place he's never been able to achieve.

But somehow, he couldn't hate her. Of course I can hate her. I am a Sith. Hate, anger and aggression are my power. he stared at her, he couldn't bring up the right emotions. He felt something else...strange, foreign...

She was lifting the crate, high as his head. Wow. She must have sensed him staring at her, for she dropped the box, smiled and waved at him cheerfully.

Alys: How was that?

Starr: It was was very good. *gets upset at having stuttered* But you still have a long way to go. *Starr looked away from her and stared hard at the wall*

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