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*The Red Vanguard looks at Kioet with distaste* Shut him up, please. *The Vanguard carrying Kioet places a blaster at the back of his neck, and fires a stunbolt*


*Six Vanguards teleport into the arena. The Jedi stare at them, unrecognizing*

Vanguard Leader: Advance.

*The Vanguards spread out and advance on the Jedi. The produce long metal rods from their backs as they move forward.

The first Jedi rushes unexpectedly at the leader. Moving preternaturally fast with the aid of the Force, he swings his lightsaber at the Vanguard's head.

And his saber was met with the same speed and stopped by the metal pole.

The Jedi's astonished look mirrored those of some of the Council watching the holoscreens. They had barely seen the Vanguard move.

Farran smiled.

Several of the Jedi abruptly blur and vanish, using a Force speed technique. Instantly, the all of the Vanguard blur and vanish as well. Blurs streak around the arena in fast motion*

Farran: *to the Council* Any power the Jedi have, the Vanguard can either negate or match. They are the ultimate weapons.

*The Jedi drop out of Force speed, and the two sides regard each other. One Jedi sends a blast of Force destruction at the Vanguard, who make no attempt to move. The blast hits them and washes over with absolutely no effect. The Jedi then tries to pull their weapons, but nothing happens*

Vanguard Leader: Is that all you Jedi can do? *turns to the other Vanguards* Full attack.

*Three of the Vanguards fly into the air, letting loose a stream of rockets and concussion pulses. The other three draw weapons and dash at the Jedi. Several Jedi throw their sabers at the advancing opponents, but the sabers glance off the cortosis-laced armor.

The Jedi begin a full onslaught, but the battle is quickly, brutally over. The dozen Jedi lay unconscious or dead at the feet of their untouched opponents.

Farran turned to the Council* Any questions?

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