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Ravan: "Yes I have one, How are these Vangaurd negating the jedi's movements? Or at least matching them as you say? Wouldn't the minds of the Vangaurd have to move as quick like the Jedi's, which they'd have a natural ability to have their thoughts transverse through their minds a lot more rapidly then a normal, even force sensitive Individual, sometimes they can out think a computer, but thats on rare cases. But I wouldn't doubt that on the case of Irvine here, I have to admit I am Sensitive to the force, and infact his power is infact increasing. But going back to my question, how could these people whom wear these suits could move so fast with out their minds moving as fast as well?

*Irvine looks on as the 'Demonstration' ends, and the Vanguard keep watch on the dead and knocked out Jedi, whom now all lay about in the arena that they have fought in, as the force field lifts, allowing Irvien to walk in and take a look at the 'pray'*

Irvine gwaking at the bodies laying about: "Hmm, pathetic... how ever, they did give out all that they could. I admire that." *walks up to a Vanguard: "Hmm, interesting, your armour, it has a small blemish on it, looks like Jedi got lucky..." *Irvine and the Vanguard soldier Laugh as Irvine wipes off the small blot.*

Irvine at the Council: "Last time I knew how this Empire ran, that it didn't tolerate such luck by the enemy... Is this correct? Or have times change?"
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