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ya, especially for making the rpg forum. I finally got 5 more RPG characters made!


Name: Saurat Denoil
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Title: Ex-Imperial
Transportation: Imperial Shuttle
Homeworld: Fest

Skills: Able to commandeer most Imperial land vehicles. He was trained in the use advanced imperial weapons such as the Flak Cannon and Missile Launcher as well as thermal detonators, trip mines, and sequence charges. He knows how to use them all with precise accuracy.

Bio: Saurat joined the Imperial Army when he was 17 with dreams of battles where he would bring glory to the Empire in the seat of one of the Imperial Walkers. He worked hard and made it to the rank of Officer by the age of 22, he an AT-ST driver, but didn't make it any further as some scumbag got in his way, preventing him from becoming familiar with his true dream: Striking fear into the hearts of the Empire's enemies in an AT-AT...

Carrying: Imperial Repeater, Bryar Pistol, 243 Imperial Credits, and a datapad.

Wearing: Black Cloak, concealing his identity, and wearing those imperial boots that he just would NOT give up.

Name: Drey
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Title: Dark Jedi turned Bounty Hunter (he's not necessarily evil)
Transportation: Imperial Shuttle
Homeworld: Kuat

Skillz: Can use the force, has a teal-colored lightsaber, can handle most weapons (particularly ones with sniping ability) Can drive a speeder.

Force Abilities: all neutral powers (speed, jump, sight) plus grip, heal, throw, absorb, and blind, has difficulty using persuation but sometimes it works. Can conceal himself from the force.

Bio: Drey is a dark jedi turned bounty hunter, he's given up fighting jedi/sith since it's too risky, and he enjoys stalking his prey, learning everything about them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. He's one to use the silent approach instead of going in guns-a-blazing. He has no loyalties, just himself, he does however have a someone moral code he follows. He doesn't kill someone if it would make him look murderous, as that would attract attention, he prefers to hide in the shadows, watching his prey make a move that would justify its death, or slightly before the prey could act (see below about the sith apprentice).

Carrying: Teal-Colored Lightsaber, Datapad (which holds pictures of the people he's hunting), 1279 credits, and a slave remote to his Imperial Shuttle (which holds 1 swoop in its cargo bay)

Wearing: Black robes of a sith apprentice he killed (the apprentice was distracted watching his master get taken down by a Jedi Master whom Drey later was payed handsomely by), he wears a blue belt around his waist. Drey looks like this.

Name: Roiek
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: Falleen
Title: Trader
Transportation: Corellian Corvette, Republic Gunship, and Gian Speeder
Homeworld: Falleen, moved to Chandrila

Skills: Is experienced in trading. Avoids fights. Experienced using bryar pistol.

Bio: Roiek is a natural born trader. His family was killed by one of Darth Vader's experiments on his homeworld while he was in the outer rim trading goods. He has no love for the Remnant Empire, and supports the New Republic by supplying the with food rations and bacta.

Carrying: Bryar Pistol, 3000 credits, some bacta canisters, and food rations

Wearing: Silver-colored clothing, most likely cortossis.

Name: SABER2
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Droid
Title: Bounty Hunter
Transportation: Imperial Gunboat
Homeworld: Kuat
Skills: Able to fire all weapons, is able to upgrade himself, has a strange sense of humor.

Bio: This old Assassin Droid was built by a dark jedi, who used only the force to build it. The droid was sent on an assassination mission, but never returned. It turns out that he's a bounty hunter. Rumor has it that his master is a bounty hunter as well.

Carrying: concussion rifle

Wearing: Droids don't wear anything, however he is painted black.

Name: Muaor
Age: 22
Race: Human
Title: New Republic informant
Transportation: A-Wing
Homeworld: Taloraan
Skills: Piloting, Reconaissance, spying on imperial remnant, able to scout an area without being detected.

Bio: Muaor was born on Taloraan, a city not unlike Bespin, only it's smaller. Decided to help the new republic by providing them with information, years after Rogue Squadron liberated the city from Moff Seerdon. Was impressed with the performance of A-Wings, he started saving his credits for the day the Galactic Empire fell, he helps the New Republic by flying to worlds where the Imperial Remnant could be hiding, and reports back to them with his information.

Carrying: Map of the Galaxy, blastech dl44, 200 credits, vibroblade

Wearing: A-wing pilot's flightsuit

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