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You break the atmoshpere and then see a beatyful ship. It is a Ubrikkian Space Yacht. (This ship is much like the ship used by queen amidala in ep1) It is covereved with polished chrome, with starlight glisining off all parts of the ship. The ship looks like a dagger held up against the stars.

H-3PO speaks up. "That is is greatness ship, we should be docking in a few minutes."

You ship docks with Popara's ship.

Vago leaves the ship and motions for you to follow. You follow with H-3PO taking up the rear. Has you leave the ship you notice a lot of Nikto board the ship, prosumable to unload the cargo.

As you walk you see that the interior of Popara's ship is very well furnished. First you notice that the floor is covered with carpet instead of the usuale metal deck plating. Next door frames are made out of rare wood form all over the galaxy. And then you notice that there are real wood door, which are also made out of rare wood, all of the door have carvings of some kinda on them, and no to doors are the same.

(Vago will be speaking to you, he only speaks hutties, so what i am typeing is H-3PO's translation from the back. So if it seems a little to polite that is way.)

"Master Vago says that you should be fell most honored to be here, Popara does not offen wish to see people face to face. Among theHutts, Popara's name is legendary. Popara has almost supernatural instincts and I (vago remeber) have long ago learned never to second guess them."

Off to your left you see a statue carved out of some kinda crystal... "This statue is carved of a single pure emradite crystal and was presented to mighty Popara to commemorate the successful birth of his second child, Mika"

a little way down the hall you see a book under a glass box sitting in an alcove. "That text is a original manuscript from the Bimm poet Ha'lathin, given to wise Popara by its previous owner."

As you walk down the hall there are serveral more, very expensive and rare things. Vago brifly explains each one. (but if i do that, this post will get very long)

in the middle of the hallway, Vago steps to one side of a heavy muckwood door and motions you onward. However, the door opens before the Hutt can hit the switch and a huge, broad0shouldered Wookiee storms through.

More comeing but this has gotten long and i don't want to lose it...

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