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Father Torque

One of the eldest and most respected member of the Massasi.Father Torque hopes to gain the honor of once becoming the head elder of the Jedi Council. At the age of 4,510 he is still the most powerful massasi.


V-12 Harley Davison motorcycle: This incredible machine is for the transportation of Father Torque. It also has two side cars semi auto machineguns and and turdo charge nitro tanks(to make it go faster

A-Tron Fully Asembled Land Cruiser

Occular Hover speeder


Ivory blade: Used in close combat, kills rodians with one stab to the heart.

Massasi Mana Shield: Hand crafted by the ancient Massasi, This one of a kind mana shield restores blaster fire into its energy base which gives father torque full force recovery

Scriptonian Blade: This blade infact turns dark red when enemies ar coming and it is so sharp it can slice through any barbaric armory

Force Powers

All light side force powers 3/5 at 2 2/5 at 3

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