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Artemis Omicron: Calm down, all your questions will be answered. *to Ravan* The Vanguard's ability to match a Jedi's movement is the very newest bit of technology we have added in. When a Jedi speeds up his reflexes, he involuntarily gives off a small amount of Force energy. The Vanguards are injected with a fluid that is designed to act as midichlorians in the presence of active Force energy. It increases the Vanguard's speed and reflexes to the level of their opponent's. When the Force power is no longer being used, the effect wears off. So to answer your question, Ravan, their minds and bodies are moving at super-speed.

*to Lokiphet* Their weakness is that they are mortal. The suit can take the same amount of damage as any blaster-resistant suit with personal shields could. Their armor is laced with cortiosis, so it will be harder for a Jedi's lightsaber to slice through it, as you saw, but they are not, of course, invulnerable. They are the height of technology, but we cannot make a truly invincible soldier. But as you can see, Force powers cannot affect them, and that is something no other soldier is capable of achieving. Tricks of the mind, telekinesis, you name it, they are unaffected by it. I, certainly, would not call these Vanguards useless...


*Starr watches Alys go. He didn't really care about the mess hall...if was the fact she had offered to eat with him. Was that supposed to mean something else? If so, what about that Jedi she had been...with...when he had gone to fetch her from Corellia?

Speaking of Hal, would he try to find her? If she wanted to go with him...would he care?

He'd think about that later. Right now, on the spur of the moment, he decided to join her.*

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