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*The gaurd tells Irvine about the gaurds in a low tone so the he'd be the only one hearing it...*

Irvine back to gaurd: "Good, I'll take care of it..."

Irvine turning to Omicron: "So, If, per-say, I'd get, well lets say, five Vanguard to act as my 'guards', My power, how ever how large it shall become, those who stand near me, their bodies would act on my Midicloron, and thus be as strong as I? That would be the best possible solution for any Jedi or Sith threats we mgiht encounter, reguardless if i can take on anyone alone, any Jedi or Sith, like we saw today, would be overwhemed by not only my powers, but the Vanguard around me leaching off my energy, thus giving the leverage..."

Ivan: "I should wait for Omicron to give an answer, but I believe that'd be also the most logical solution I've herd all day.."

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