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*The group stands gets up after completing their meal and leave the resturant. They walk to a parking lot.*

Vidar: I'll take my leave now. I have some business I must attend to. Goodbye.

Odin: Bye son. I'll see you later.

Frigg: Bye honey.

*Vidar gets in a landspeeder and heads off to the palace. The others enter a large luxury landspeeder*

Odin: Any paticular destination?

Tyr: I need to go to the testing grounds to check on peperation for tonights weapon test.

Odin: Alright. We'll go there. *to the speeder* Take us to the alpha testing area.

*The Landspeeder heads off in the direction of the testing grounds*

Tyr: So will you be attending the test tonight?

Odin: Yes, I think I will go.

Frigg: We will be delighted to attend.

Heimdall: The resonance rifles will be spectular to watch. Their second setting are very powerful.

Tyr: Heimdall, I'll need your help to get everything set. If you don't mind.

Heimdall: Sure, I have nothing pressing to do at the moment.
*Meanwhile Vidar arrives at the palace. He enters his office and begins going through reports. Shortly later someone knocks on his door*

Vidar: Enter.

*Burnhilde enters carring a message canister*

Burnhilde: Good afternoon lord. I thought you may like to see this. A valkyre sent this a short time ago.

Vidar: Well put it in and let us see what she sent.

*Burnhilde inserts the canister into a computer terminal. A second later a movie began playing showing the demostration of the Vanguards against the jedi*

Vidar: Very interesting. Thank you for this. I'll make sure my father sees this. Oh give my compliments to the agent.

Burnhilde: Yes sir. Good bye.

Vidar: Bye.

*Burnhilde turns and leaves Vidar's Office, Vidar begins looking through files*

Vidar: Interesting, I have never seen these before. Lets see the Gotterdammerung prophecies.

*Vidar begins reading*

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