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and now to continue

With the wokkie gone you walk through the door that is now open.

You enter a large, damp, dimly lit chamber that smells baguely of mold and spoiled meat. The richly furnished room sports three deep alcoves. One alcove is directly ahead, and one is to either side. Each alcove has a wide, raised dais in it.

An enormous Hutt with gray patches along his head and body and wide, alerteyes occupies the alcove directly ahead. The platform is festooned with rich tapestries and silk pillows. Three dark blue Twi'lek famales dressed in stylish robes standnearby, running soft sponges over the hutt's wrinkled hide. Two nikto guards flank this alcove.

The alcove to the right is occupied by a large, sprawling Hutt, younger than the one ahead of you. His eyes are wide as well, but much less alert, and a hokuum pipe is tucked into the corner of his mouth. He shares his dais with three large wookiess, who are laughing and joking withh one another.

The alcove on the left is wmpty and lacks even pillows or othere Hutt accoutrements.

Behind you, Vago growls in Huttese and H-3PO states, "His most mighty and powerful lord, his most wise and generous master, his most understanding and thoughtful leader, Popara the Hutt!"

Popara mutters something softly in Huttese, and one of the Twi'leks hisses "Make you case"

-Remeber you are here to negotiate for the safe route thourgh the Indrexu Spiral that Popara has.

-also remeber that you have 500,000 creds that you can bargen with and anything else that you mite have with you.

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