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*Droping off Tyr and Heimdall at the testing site. Odin and Frigg return to the palace. Odin walks to a meeting of his military advisors. Entering the meeting room, occupied by, Brunhilde (head of the Valkyries), Sigurd (head of the Einherjar), and Beowulf (head of the Beserks)*

Odin: Good day to you all. This is going to rather short. I just want your reports on activity. Brunhilde you go first.

Brunhilde: Sir. We have a tape of the Imperial Vanguards demostrating their new skills and slaughtering a group of Jedi. Lord Vidar has it at the moment. We have also learned that Deac Starkiller has been given a promotion, and another assignment. He is to be captured by the Seperatist. He is to be in the company of Flax's son Klaran. Cracken has found his daughter and they have been reunited. She is now undergoing training in the force. All the sides are preparing for another war. The vanguards make me believe the jedi are going to be a major target. Since the Jedi are one of the stablizing forces in the galaxy we should consider lending them aid if they need it.

Odin: I agree. Watch the jedi closely, they are honorable and deserve our favor. Sigurd you may go.

Sigurd: Currently we are planning a small raid against the Jotuns. It will mainly be an intelligence gathering mission. The Jotuns were able to predict when our last raid would occur. Subsequently they almost killed the team. To prevant this from happening again our raiding teams are starting to randomize the times of their raids. The new cloaking shields will help greatly.

Odin: Thank you. Now Beowulf.

Beowulf: Last night we repulsed a small Jotun raid. We had no casualties. Although five men were wounded in the attack. Lately these small attacks have been coming more routinly. I believe they are probing our security and seeing if any week spots have developed. This could foreshadow an offensive by the Jotuns.

Odin: The raid will tell us for certain. Increase our forces in that area, if possible capture one of the raiding Jotuns. It has been a while since they last launched an offensive. Perhaps they believe we finally let our guard down. If that is all.....we are finished here. Have a good day.

*Leaving the meeting Odin is joined in the hall by Beowulf*

Beowulf: Lord I have a question for you.

Odin: What is it?

Beowulf: Why do we watch the Imperails and the New Republic so closely?

Odin: Well the main reason is to make sure that they haven't learned about the Jotuns. The other is I find that they have a sort of innocense. They are unaware of the evil of the Jotuns and I find it a little refreshing. The internal strife is interesting. Finally knowledge is always a good thing. You never know when they may become useful, or when they might need our help.

Beowulf: Thankyou for answering my question lord.

Odin: Do you see why we watch them?

Beowulf: It is a little clearer now. Are you going to the weapon test tonight?

Odin: Yes, but now I'm going to find Vidar and watch that tape on the Vanguards.

*The two part company, Odin goes to Vidar's Office*

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