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*Irvine arrives in the security cell that Kioet and his companion Nimalf are being held.*

Irvine walking to Kioet: "My, my, my dear weapons agent. I hardly think that me causing a slight mess of your cargo on tatoonie desurves me to be followed all the way out here... How ever, whats needs to be paid back needs to be paid for..."

*Irvine tosses a small bag of money that holds an equal amount of Republican and Imperial cedits inside, on the floor infront of Kioet's feet.*

Irvine smiling: "Accept my Appology. Now thats been taken care of, what am I going to do with both of ya... Hmm, well, I can't just let ya go..." *turns to gaurds.* "Implant the Devices into them." *turning back to the captures.* "those are nanobiotic transmitters, once they are in there, there there for good. Now, either we track your movements across the galaxy, eventualy going to the republic wiht reporting them of our doings, or we track your movements across the galaxy reporting of their doings, If you get my drift..."

*The gaurds inplant the tracking devices into the captures with mild resistence, but it gets them installed.*


Ivan to Farran while walking back from the arena: "So, are we going to tell them of our decision?"
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