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*The ambassador became very worried. he keyed the com, and franitkly spoke*
Clearence code?! Diplomates don't need codes!! What governemnt policies do you have?! Let us by, please, we have no weapons, un armed, a scan coudl...
*His transmitter became silent. they cut him off.....*

*ALys sat down with her tray. 10 minutes it took her to get her food. she sighed. well, better than 30 minutes. She started to eat, digging into something that smelled like a Corellian dish. She bit, chewed, and swollowed. Not to bad. Looks like sithspawn, but tastes great.

She continued to eat, and to her surprise, Starr sat across from her. He poked the food, weary of it's taste.*

Alys: Don't worry, looks like sithsp...... *she stopped, and remembered that Starr was a Sith himself.*.... i mean... Bathna pudu....
*She blushed, embarrassed that she let the insult slip. She continued to eat, to flustered to say anthing. She glanced at Starr, and back down at her food. He's kinda cute, she thought.*

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