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Officer: *having kept the comme receiver silenced since the orignal transmission* Unidentified shuttle, transmit proper clearance codes. Unidentified shuttle, transmit proper clearance codes or you will be fired upon!

*waits a moment*

Unidentified shuttle, since you refuse to reply, we are forced to assume you are spies. We cannot allow security breaches at a time like this.

*changes comm channel* Someone *ahem* claiming to be a Loyalist diplomat is infiltrating planetary security. The person will not respond to further comm hails once we questioned him and is insisting on advancing. Fire on him. *smiles*

*Turbolaser bolts lance from the Golan platforms. The fleeing diplomatic shuttle is hit from all directions at once and explodes violently. It never had a chance*

*The Separatist Imperial Council watches. One Councilman mutters* It has begun.


*While waiting for Deac to leave the building, Rwos picks up the comlink Odin had given to him. Having not used a comlink from this universe in a while, he had to search his memory for a moment to remember which buttons to push. But it hadn't been that long.

He dialed the only available frequency.*

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