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*Cracken is busy at his desk. he stopped, looked for a moment and laughed to himself. Him, a politician. he chuckled, and at that moment, Tojo's image appeared on the holoprojector*

Cracken: I assumed right, the Seperatist blew that shuttle to pieces.

Tojo: yessir. no survivors. we recived the distress call a few hours ago, then it suddenly went silent

*Cracken leaned back in his chair. and looked out his viewport. Bilbringi was in the process of manufacturing a new Cruiser for the Republic, and next to it, and Imperial Star Destroyer. an odd site, to be sure. He turned to the projector.*

move your fleet to the planet of Ord Biniir. Take it. it should take you not long to get there, nor long to defeat the Seperatist forces there. I shall contact the New Republic on our new situation. The destruction and subsquencent death of our envoy is to be taken as an act of war.

*Cracken turned off the Holoprojector, and commed Flax, but was unavailable. he recorded a message*
Cracken: Space Marshal Flax, the Seperatists have destroyed our diplomatic envoy to possibly build a bridge of reunion between us. no survivors where reported. The Empire will take this as an act of war, and declares a State of War exist between the Seperatisst and the Loyalists.
*Cracken attached the distress call to the comm, and sent it.
Looking at the mound of paperwork at his desk, he sighed, got up, and went to find Starr and Alys.*

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