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*Odin and Vidar were talking about the Vanguards when a Valkyre entered with news*

Svafa: Sir, we are recieving a signal from the beacon you gave Rwos.

Odin: I didn't think it would be long before he used that. Have a Valkyre find out what is wrong. She is allowed to identify herself so he knows that she speaks on my behalf.

Svafa: Yes Lord. It will be done.
*A moment later a woman named Hirst who approaches Rwos wearing a NRI uniform. Seemingly to materilize out of the shadows, She stops next to Rwos*

Hirst: Hello, Rwos. You recently activated a device that Lord Odin gave you. Do not be startled. My name is Hirst, I am a member of Lord Odin's Valkyries. He has ordered me to inquire what you need, and if necessary provide you with a means to talk with him personally.

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