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*Reletha is outraged at the shooting of the shuttle*

Reletha: It should have been disabled! That diplomat could have been defecting to our cause

*Lokpihet stands*

Lokpihet: Reletha, leave the council chamber. It is no place for a woman such as yourself

Reletha: You think yourself a true heir, but where were you when our father fell?

Lokpihet: I was learning the ways of the sith as instructed by Lord Syrnl. As I recall, you were on Coruscant.

Reletha: Finding more Darkstar Knights.

Lokpihet: I have created a base of power for our family!

Reletha: And how many times have I fought Deac Starkiller to protect our family

Lokpihet: I severed his arm!

Reletha: And were beaten by the gargoyle. I fought Starkiller when he was not mech!

Lokpihet: Go, Reletha. Just go.

*Reletha leaves, fury in her eyes and goes back to her chambers. She sits at her desk and opens a secure channel*

Reletha: Lord Cracken, if you can hear need to know something...

I will help you kill Lokpihet Darkstar....


*Deac exits the ward and sees Rwos*

You coming along on this one?

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