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One of the Twi'leks (the closest one) seem to slow in her "bathing" of Popara and study each of the companions, Cheyla feels that the Twi'lek looks at here a little longer then the rest, and then she (the Twi'lek) leans over and wispers something to Popara.

Popara then speaks in a loud bomming voice (which even quite down the wokkies in the right alcove. Again the Twi'lek closest to Popara translates...

"Popara is pleased with your words, and your willingness to be open about the pirce. What His Illustriousness desires from you is a service, a favor for a favor. it is an altruistis effort, and if you accept this task, he will give you what you came for."

With that the whole room goes silient to hear your response.

Dash, are you trying to do anything inpitiular?

I don't have to blow up everything
I jusk like to.
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