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First off, according to's main page, the forums are getting reorganized. So, this thread and the other MotF threads may end up in the Showcase forums in the next week.

Progress Report 11/14/02

I now have a bug-free version of the early Release 1 code up and running. Things are taking longer than anticipted to get everything to work/look the way it SHOULD.

Mathmatically, the dodge code is perfect (except for map damage), but right now the visuals don't look "right". A saber swing will still pass thru the body (visually) due to the code only dodging once per attack (due to the way damage is dealt). I'm going to attempt to make the character hop back a little bit, in addition to the visual dodge, to eliminate the problem. Of course, this adds the problem of it being possible to suicide by dodging your way off a cliff. However, it shouldn't be too much of a problem as it's only a slight hop back AND dodge will work for fall deaths as well. On the plus side, this will add a additional point of realism (since you can in fact accidently reflexively dodge your way off a cliff) and encourage players to keep a slight distance from any bottomless pits.

In addition, the current dodge animation priorty is too low. You'll rarely do the dodge animations unless you're not attacking and not have your saber ignited.

As for map damage, the best solution I can think of is to have the game deduct a sizable amount of DP/HP and have the player teleport to a random respawn. This sims the concept of the character surviving the fall (ether thru the Force or a gadget (like a jetpack) and running back up to the combat area). For now this will apply to everyone, but it should be refined later. For example, some characters obviously can't survive a fall like that (like a Storm Trooper) and others can (Jedi/Boba Fett/etc.) In addition, we'll probably create some new map triggers to make this ability more beleivible. Like a trigger location for fall death dodge (like an elevator or a ship that flies up whenever a player dodges the fall death) and a "undodgeable" fall death trigger for locations where you couldn't probably survive the fall (getting knocked out of a airlock or falling off the edge of Cloud City).

If anyone has a better solution to these problems please let me know.

In summary, things are still coming along, so please don't think the project has been abandoned.

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