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Originally posted by The Master
After a sense twisted logic is babble and babble is twisted logic. Or you, (if you don't mind I use you as an example, NeoDios) you could be a figment of my imgaination and never made that comment and I could be sounding like a fool talking to someone that only I can see...well, it seems like Redwing is in the same boat as me. Then again where is the boat that me and Redwing are in? What will happen now since there is no boat? Will we drown? If so, where is the water?


Okay, I'll stop before this gets nastily, hazardously, ugily....something.

Oh, and for my Birthday today I am going to go and treat myself to the refridgerator to any random food items I feel like comsuming....must consume....
heeheehee. It's funny 'cause I'm tired.

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