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Babuda is a large barbaric-looking guy. Actually, he's a werewolf. This means he has 3 forms which will be described below.

Appearance : Brutish, handsome, Bulky armour but not all-over his body (shoulder pads, the like), Young. Think of Conan of the future.

Background : Intergalactic saurkraut delivery guy. Travels about the place in a private ship looking slightly familiar to a uni-cycle. Otherwise travels on a high-powered uni-cycle on planets.

Skills : Has the ability to summon objects as well as minor avatars.
Natural regeneration over time.
Force push - 2.
Force pull - 2.
Force lightning - 2

Forms :
Human - Just normal really.
Wolf - Faster, more vicious, smaller, slightly stronger.
Crinos(Battle) - Very much stronger, very much bigger, monstrous actually, and not very nice.

Equipment :
Warp blade - pretty much a light saber but instead of light, it uses magical properties.
Uni-cycle - motor powered.
We'll see what else.

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