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Originally posted by Jedi Skywalker

Oh great. Is there anyone else out there who played Battle for Naboo?

You must free Padme, and make a diversion so that .... I came as far as the level Panaka's diversion.

There are several bonus levels.

Well, follow the main path, destry as many battle drods as you can. Do you know that the gian speeder red laser can be overcharged as the ion cannon in Rogue squadron? Use it for ATT and Droidekas. Protect the friends you have to at all cost. In a big plaza (the court building, i think) kill all ATTs and droidekas quickly. when you arrive to the door that the raid team has to explode, kill all droids in that plaza, otherwise the droids will kill the commandos. when you pass that, just stop when panaka says and destroy as many ATTs (you will have to enter the big balcony near the hangar) as you can without being killed

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