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[OOS: Why have I been calling Starfor Elveron! Redwing, you should have noticed!]

*The voice of the Darkstar leaves Retrick's mouth*

K'Warra. Sorry to draft you in like this, but I knew you hated this mage and wanted to see him die. Darkstar...avatar of Lokpihet, God of Hate, we met at PainLord Sathanas' wedding-remember

*Starfor is annoyed*

Sorry to break up the reunion but...

Retrick: Don't waster you time, Starkiller, my army's already looking for a soul crystal. When we find one...Lokpihet will be reborn...

Trying that again? Didn't Elveron teach you once that wouldn't work?

Retrick: It cost him his it will yours!

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