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A mysterious shuttle flies over the Jedi Academy. On it's side can be seen the logo of Supergalactic Saurkrauts. As it pulls up in the front garden it seems to bear a striking resemblance to some sort of giant uni-cycle. Hmm...

The door opens and out speeds a giant of a man on a unit of that last subject matter itself. A uni-cycle!

"HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!" Calls the stranger. "Hmm, the Jedi Academy. Hoky doke".

Ever watched Conan the Barbarian? That's what he sounds like. He then proceeds to ride up to the steps of the builing, the uni-cycles small rocket boosters lifting him to the top. AS he knocks on the large double doors of the academy he says his usual mantra.

"I got an order here for one Obi Wan!! Hello? Anybody here?"

The name of course isn't the one he usually shouts, but then, it's always a different one. Apart from the usual customers, but they're mostly Germans.

Babuda waits...
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