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Angry No Joy

Hi nd,
I played your new level 15 Savegame on the weekend, and I still get stuck in the same place - After replacing one of the parts [can't remember which one] I time my run across the rotating platforms and get to the other end and the elevator doesn't work. Thanks for the savegame, it was worth a shot. I've also installed a 32mb TNT Graphics accelerator, which I thought would help - but No Joy!!!
I've been playing Lord of the Rings, and it is OK, not great for True Gamers unless you are a fan of the books. The game-play is very difficult and during the action/fight sequences I really battle (excuse the bad pun). The play isn't fluid and fast enough, I spend a lot of time dying!!!
I still enjoy it though, but it's NOT INDY!!
Thanks again for helping out.
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