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Rem sencens that the 3 Twi'leks next to Popara are strong in the force.

After hearing Hyrsk, Popara speaks, the Twi'lek (who as now moved to stand by his elbow) translates once again.

"The planet Endregaad in the Tion Cluster is beset by a deadly disease and has been quarantined by the Corporate Sector Authority. No one gets on or off the planet without its permission. I have business interests on Endregaad. I want you to deliver a load of medicinal spice to help the people on that planet. For this I will probide you with a ship (which you don't have by the way), the spice, and the coordinates to reach Endregaad through the Indrexu Spiral. Are you willing to do this for me?"

I don't have to blow up everything
I jusk like to.

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