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r15: yep, but isn't there any that absolutely use the actual power of the wielder?
and its not just a thing that was stuck in the back of your neck, its more like microscopic nonomechines that do what they are attended to do, with out bothering any bodily functions. so once ion the blood stream, in order to remove them, you'd need a blood transfusion. but deactivating them is a different story...

Ravan: "Alright, Then we should."

*Marcus enters.*

Marcus: "I couldn't recieve a return signal, how ever they should be recieving..."

Ravan: "Well we should find out when Irvine returns and gives us a report on the situation..."


Ivan remembering what he came for: "Right, turn it off, the Council summons you. They want a report on the Crimson Star II."

Irvine turning off the Scythe: "Oh, that thing, I was wondering when you people ask. How ever in order for it to be used, IT would need to be repaired..."

*Irvine and Ivan begin to walk to the Council Chambers*

Ivan: "Becuase why?"

Irvine: "There was a sabetour, I delt with him, but he cuased a quite a bit of damage to the station, he killed everyone of those people there, even on the surfice. Lucky for me I got up to him before he left on his get away craft, and I shot him right into people. Poor bastard blew up."

Ivan: "So its useless for the time being..."

Irvine: "Its mostly done, the station that is, other then the repairs it is operational."

Ivan: "So why haven't you reported this eariler?"

Irvine: "Becuase, I knew one of ya was going to ask sooner or later..."

Ivan: "Things like that need to be said, this isn't a game you know."

Irvine: "Tell that to my father..." *chuckles*

*They approch the council doors...*
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